No Surgery.  No Downtime.  No Pain


Less Fat. More You.

Sub-zero temperatures deflate fat cells in the body, via non-invasive treatments for slimming and toning.

Introducing Cryoskin 3.0!  This revolutionary body treatment is arriving at The Healing Sanctuary Institute in January 2019 to provide safe and effective non-invasive treatment to you.  

Unlike other treatments, Cryoskin 3.0 uses science that works with your body’s natural systems. The hot-cold Peltier effect  deflates fat cells without damaging surrounding tissue and increases oxygen supply that aids in collagen production, resulting in slimmer, toned bodies, and the elimination of fine lines and wrinkles.

Quick and convenient treatments last between 20-30 minutes, with no recovery time. Cryoskin 3.0 has all the fat loss benefits without any lasting side effects or discomfort. 88% of people surveyed found the treatments to be comfortable and relaxing. 



Introductory Offer ~ Packages  (available until February 28, 2018)



Body Slimming & Toning Introductory Package          5 sessions      $1,375.00*  Pre-paid only

                                                                                                         (Saving of $375 off the full price of $1,750.00)


Cryoskin Facial Tightening Package                             5 sessions      $750.00* Pre-paid only

                                                                                                          (Saving of $150 off the full price of $900.00) 


*Slimming sessions must be 14 days apart, the package must be used within 60 days of purchase, non-transferable, non-refundable.


Introductory Offer ~ Individual Treatments  (available until February 28, 2018)


Body Slimming & Toning                                            1 session      $300.00  


Cryoskin Facial Tightening                                         1 session       $175.00






Regular Pricing


Body Slimming & Toning                                                      1 session      $350.00


Cryoskin Facial Tightening                                                   1 session      $190.00



To book, call (972) 521 6550

CryoSlimming uses thermoelectric cooling to freeze fat, causing the cell deconstruction of subcutaneous fat tissue without damage to the overlying skin. The 28-minute treatment begins with 4 minutes of heat at 40C then 24 minutes cold at -8C divided evenly across the treated areas. The destroyed cells then pass naturally through your body’s lymphatic system. This treatment is geared for fat loss.  Studies have shown that up to 1 inch can be lost from one treatment.  

To book your introductory package, call (972) 521 6550

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