Our Mission 

A new comprehensive approach to health and self-healing. The integration of mind, body, and spirit is necessary for the complete restoration of the human being!


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What are the health benefits of Aronia berries? Click the picture to find out

by: Medical News Today.














Shattering cancer with resonant frequencies: 
Ozone Therapy

Dr. Howard Liebowitz, Santa Monica, Longevity Medicine explains the benefits of Ozone Therapy. What an amazing treatment Ozone is for your body.

Scientists Find Way to Shake Viruses to Death from Fox News click picture
Our Vision 

We are electrical beings encased in a fleshly body. You must correct the electrical voltage, conductivity, communication system between the brain and the body to create lasting change in the human body.


Our goal is to provide a center with all the tools to create a true integration of mind, body, and spirit.

Aronia berries

Anthony Holland at TEDx Skidmore College, explains and shows cells destroyed with Resonant Frequencies

at 11:35 min in the video it is shown pancreatic cancer cells destroyed by a dialed in frequency that affects the cell.

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