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Aluminum Elimination Juice

1 tsp chlorella powder

1 juiced organic lemon 

1/2 cup fresh cilantro

1 organic cucumber

8 oz. coconut water

pinch of Celtic salt

1/2 green apple



20 organic red grapes including the seeds "(Tre-sol brand)

1/2 cup raspberries

1/2 inch of fresh ginger root

1/2 cup aronia berries

1/2 cup pomegranate juice

1 juiced organic lemon

Energy Boosting Juice

1 cup organic aronia berries

1 organic pear

8 oz. coconut pear

1 tsp. maca powder

1 tsp. moringa powder

1 scoop super beets powder

pinch of Celtic salt

1 purple carrot

Crohn's Antibiotic Juice 

1 organic garlic clove

1 cup organic parsley 

2 stalks celery

4 purple carrots

1/2 cup raw goat Kefer (no processing)

6 oz. coconut water

1/4 inch fresh ginger root

Best for Blood Types: A+ or AB+

Blood Type O+ or O- substitute Kombachas for goat Kefer

Glutathione Detox Juice

1 cup asparagus tips

1 organic lemon juiced

1 green apple

4 oz. kombucha

4 oz. aloe vera juice

pinch of Celtic salt

Immune Boosting Juice

1/2 cup fresh parsley

2 stalks celery

3 purple carrots

1 clove organic garlic

4 oz. coconut water

pinch of Celtic salt

Iron Boosting Juice

1 cup blackberries 

2 mijool dates soaked in water and peeled and de-seeded

3 dried apricots soaked over-night and sliced

4 oz. organic pomegranate juice

4 oz coconut water

10 drops liquid oxygen ( add after pouring into the glass)

This boost absorption of nutrients

Liver Flushing Juice

1 cup fresh dandelion greens

1 juiced organic lemon

1/2 organic granny smith green apples

1/2 organic cucumber

2 purple carrots

4 oz. coconut water

pinch of Celtic salt

Lower Blood Pressure Juice 

1 cup green tea with extra GABA

2 stalks of organic celery

2 organic orange carrots

1/2 cup organic blackberries

1/2 cup aloe vera juice

Nitrate Oxide Boosting Juice

1 tsp Chlorella powder

1 organic lemon

1/2 cup fresh cilantro

1 organic cumcumber

8 oz. coconut water

pinch of Ve

Stop Cough Juice

1 cup fresh organic pineapple

1/4 inch of fresh ginger root (grated into the juice)

1 organic lemon squeezed into juice

1/2 cup fresh cold-pressed aloe vera

3 oz. 9.5 high pH water

Strong Bone Juice

1 inch of fresh ginger root

1 stalk of celery

2 kale leaves

1/2 cup parsley

1 lemon juiced

1 fuji apple

4 oz. coconut water

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