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Healing is Frequency Correction

Our Health Services:

This is How We Do Frequency Correction Thru Ondamed Technology

  • Ondamed Treatments

  • Supervised Detoxification

  • Disease Prevention

  • Far-infrared Sauna

  • Oxygen/Ozone Treatments

  • Lymphatic Massage

  • Pool Therapy (Done off-site of center)

  • Stretching (Improve Range of Motion)

  • Myofascia Release Technique MFR

  • Hair and Mineral Analysis

  • Nutracuticals

  • Wellness IV

  • Education

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The Healing Sanctuary Institute of Dallas is a members-only organization created for those who desire to implement and study alternative rejuvenating treatments. It is a methodology that advocates a more minimalist approach toward pharmaceutical drug use as one ages. The Healing Sanctuary believes that western medicine has its place. You will better understand your environment, mindset, body dynamics, lifestyle, and spirituality. The goal is to enhance your body, mind, and soul to slow the aging process and improve your quality of life!

Any information provided or recommendations made should not be used to and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or mitigate any specific health problem. Any person with health complaints should seek the care and consultation of an appropriately licensed healthcare practitioner.

Silvia Binder, ND, Ph.D President & CEO, Ondamed

for more information and questions contact:

e-mail:                    ps@thehealingsanctuaryinstitute.com

Phone:                    972-521-6550

The Healing Sanctuary Institute of Texas-Dallas

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